Choosing a brand name is the most difficult task than designing and marketing your brand. Ask yourself, what actually you want to Brand and Advertise? It can be a company, a service or a product.

Good Branding is different from others and more likely easy to remember. There is a dependency on actual words of the company to service and service to a product.

You can describe a brand in a name itself like MetLife, SnapChat, FedEx, Photoshop and many more... Combining two words together and making it a compound word which replicates the service in a name. Adding sugar and spice together to a brand name is just as changing a spelling. Many people change the spelling of a Brand name because misspelt words catch the peoples eye and yes it actually does! Flickr, Reddit, Flattr, Fiverr, Trix etc..

Personal Name Branding is the easiest way to remember, to advertise and to get recognised in a limited period of time. But it all depends on the trustworthiness of your product, quality, nature of service and consumer reviews. Jawed Habib, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Shehnaz, Aditya Birla and so many...

The last option is to create a completely new name. But for this, to make it more meaningful you have to promote a brand with marketing communication. Now this has to be expensive, critical and time taking to memorize. But that's what all the branding is all about.

Build your brand name in such a way that it should be recognised on web easily. Choose a brand name wisely as it is going to be an URL link for your website. It should be search friendly. The uncommon keywords are useful when you go through all these things. See that your brand name is recognised in somewhere between the hashtags used on social media. Find the Hashtags related to your brand name.

It's difficult but you also can use a verb in your brand name using 'ing' to suffix. The name should show some action as we always say, 'I will have to google and see.' Google is not actually and verb. But it becomes verbified in such a way that we get habit of pronouncing it.

At last, the brand name should be simple and easy to remember. It should sound real and easy to recall in fraction of seconds. It all depends on how we do the branding and how much we invest on branding.


It all started with a call from one of my College friend, Chetan. Knowing that we are into #Brand consulting and #designing firm he came up with his requirement for his product for the name suggestion. They had already started the manufacturing of Jaggery molasses from the sugarcane juice. To build and suggest a name it is very important to understand all the process related to product manufacturing and he explained all the process.

Initially, we started building names for the product which can relate that the product is natural, chemical free, liquid molasses, made of sugarcane liquid and so on... Coming up with various #namesuggestion, a slight conflict similarity with resembling brand names were running in my mind. According to the #Advertising perspective, we knew that the name should be catchy, easy to remember and something which can be clicked.

Building names, taking approval from the client and searching if it's available to register was a great task. After various brand name searches we came up with "GUDLANE" and our luck, we got positive that it can get registered. A sigh of relief and we cleared our first step. We started designing #Logo through the concept. A name should highlight but sugarcane molasses should also be seen was quite challenging. Elements matching fonts, fonts matching the colors and yes it should look standard was a mission like situation in our production team. The logo should be something unique that it should be easily noticed by the local market, malls, high standard streets and yes in the future globally. But one thing kept me in confusion, that will 'gud' in the Hindi language will be understood globally?

As per the client requirement, we came up with GUD in Hindi and Lane in English.

Depicting Gud as Jaggery in Hindi. And the most crucial part now came in colors. Brown and Green were conflicting in nature giving more the warmer brown and fresh green a little bit. It became easier to select among the logo options. We always give a mock-up that how it can look on glass bottles. With drops of sugarcane falling from the sugarcane towards 'L' and the leaf made a complete Logo. With all the client meetings, discussion with the production team we came up with the final Gudlane Logo.

Designing a logo is not just using tools. It is an art performing a long term identity image of a brand with lots of #creative thinking, discussion, approvals and keeping in mind the perspective vision of a brand.